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Area Cubed offer a wide selection of Juliet Balconies which are designed to be fixed across an opening such as patio doors, french windows, bi-fold doors etc. We have several different types of juliet balcony in our range such; Infinity Juliet Balconies or Frameless Juliet Balconies – these can be best described as unframed clear glass which deliver unbroken views from your patio or window opening. We also have different options when it comes to glass and stainless steel juliet balconies as well as wrought iron and metal. We can supply and install our balconies. In order for us to provide you with a free quote please contact us with your specifications.

Types of Juliet Balconies

Wrought Iron
Juliet Balconies

wrought iron juliet balcony london

Frameless & Glass
Juliet Balconies

Stainless Steel
Juliet Balconies

Do I need Planning Permission to have a Juliet Balcony?

In most cases Juliet balconies are considered Permitted Developments and therefore they should not require planning permission. There are some exceptions to this: if the Juliet balcony has a floor, no matter how slim, it will be considered to be a raised platform and it will therefore need planning approval. If you need advice relating to planning permission on your Juliet balcony project we will be happy to help.

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